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Module 2 Newsletter

Module 2 Newsletter - Syracuse University Public Affairs...

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Syracuse University Public Affairs Department PAF 101 Newsletter Issue 2 Module 2 is due February 24th General Suggestions: Look at the Formatting and Grammar Guidelines, under the Module tab on the course website! Read and follow directions very carefully! · Modules must be TYPED. Type inside of the boxes for each exercise. · Make sure that all justifications are in full sentences. Pay attention to how many sentences the question asks for. · Contact Mike Pasqualoni with any research questions or questions about the Library ([email protected]). · The exercise numbers do not correspond with The Maxwell Manual sections so be sure to read the book carefully. · Citations are required for most of these exercises! Always cite if you are not sure. · Look at the APA guidelines for how to do correct internal citations · Do not forget a newspaper article is from a published newspaper. TV news channel websites are not newspapers! CNN.com, The Huffington Post, and the Associated Press cannot be used! · Clearly label and attach the first page of articles directly behind the ENTIRE exercise that they are first used in. · Some exercises specify that only the first page of the article should be attached, others specify the full article should be attached, PAY ATTENTION! · When printing articles, print directly from the website. Do NOT copy article and print from a word document. · Make sure your writing is as clear and brief as possible. The less ink, the better!
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· When asked to quote from Professor Coplin's books, quotes must be verbatim and you MUST include the book in the reference page. · Modules are due at the beginning of class. Any module turned in after 12:50 is considered late! You will lose five points. (Remember, lateness to class is not an excuse for a late module.)
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