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Audience Analysis Assignment (20 points) (Submit on-line before completing your first speech) Instructions: Complete these steps and write (carefully) your answers. Consult Chapter 11 before completing this assignment . It should be obvious in your answers that you have read the text. Submit your paper on-line before you do your speech. 1. Identify a “real world” hypothetical audience for your informative speech. The audience should not be fellow students. Some examples: members of a club, volunteers at a church, the players on a sports team, co-workers, a gathering of parents. You won’t know everything about your audience’s characteristics, but you need to learn as much as
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Unformatted text preview: possible and make reasonable guesses. 2. Describe the speaking situation. Where and when would the speech be given? Why would these people be gathered to hear your speech? What about the size and seating arrangement of the space? 3. Analyze the audience. Describe three of each kind of characteristic (9 total). For each, analyze in about 2 sentences , how this characteristic will make your speech easier or more challenging . How will you adjust your speech because of this characteristic? A. Demographic/Personal characteristics (analyze 3) B. Psychological characteristics (analyze an attitude, a belief, and a value). C. Cultural characteristics (analyze 3)...
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