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Cultural and Political Clashes Essay - Gordon Eric MAX-132...

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Gordon, Eric MAX-132 Essay #3 Northrup 11:40am Class 1,193 words Cultural and Political Clashes Today’s world is characterized by a global network of economics and political influence. Modern technology and cheap frequent transportation make even the most isolated locations highly accessible. The world is shrinking, and because of this the many distinguishing characteristics from different cultures and governments are made all the more evident. As globalization draws distant communities and countries together, various cultural differences are also drawn into the mix. However, in some instances these characteristics complicate the rapidly multiplying international relationships by alienating people and thereby creating conflict. Some states are able to hybridize their communities to the changes. These tend to be the highly developed leaders in the global network of economics and politics. However, for the underdeveloped and third world countries cultural conflict tends to lead to polarization and intolerance. Political scientist Samuel Huntington suggests that a new phase of world politics, consisting of international struggles caused by cultural differences instead of economic or political conflicts, is beginning. According to Huntington, the new era of cultural conflict has divided the world into seven regions, each characterized by a different civilization. This view seems incredibly simple minded as it places an all too vague title on a realm that encompasses far more cultures than its title would suggest. The United States, for instance, is placed in the “Western” block of cultures. This classification is unfair because the United States, due to massive immigration, is home to people hailing from countless international cultures. While
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there are clear minorities, they are not subjected to punishment because they do not belong to, what Hunting would suggest was, the dominant civilization in the country. There is much criticism of Huntington’s argument.
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Cultural and Political Clashes Essay - Gordon Eric MAX-132...

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