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Globalization essay - Gordon, Eric MAX-132 Essay #1...

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Gordon, Eric MAX-132 Essay #1 Northrup 11:40am class 658 words Globalization Essay Over the last twenty years, there has been a significant shift toward a global network of economic, cultural, and technological trade. This process, called globalization, brings with it enormous potential such as world peace and an end to world hunger. However, there is also much criticism of this rapidly setting new global standard. Globalization offers opportunity to developing countries, allowing them to rise rapidly in the ever expanding global market. But globalization has also shown trends of favoring only large corporate interests while significantly harming the lower labor classes by exploiting them for cheap labor. Globalization allows for developing countries to integrate themselves into the network previously populated only by the powerhouses of the capitalist global market. In his book, The Post American World , Fareed Zakaria outlines this idea. Zakaria notes that the once all powerful United States is no longer at the top of every economic category. This is not because the United
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Globalization essay - Gordon, Eric MAX-132 Essay #1...

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