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The Global Environmental Crisis

The Global Environmental Crisis - Gordon Eric MAX-132 Final...

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Gordon, Eric MAX-132 Final Essay Northrup 11:40am class 1,245 words The Global Environmental Crisis Globalization is characterized by initiative. The global network has formed because certain countries are all too willing to take the lead on issues of economics and culture. The creation of globalized programs in these areas has come about because powerful nations have expressed a desire, and willingly created them. They view the economy and the pursuit of international cultural stability as a global effort that they want to lead. It is sadly ironic however, that the one global issue that truly requires a global effort, the climate and environmental crisis, is the one where the same powerful nations try to remain sequestered and uninvolved. It is in this way that the problems of environment are uniquely difficult to deal with. Because it is not an issue that people particularly want to deal with, the go to response method is to throw money at the problem with the hopes that it will go away. We are hoping for a breakthrough when there are much more important ways to spend money and effort. The environmental crisis is difficult to deal with simply because its implications are so much larger than any other globalization conflict. Failure in economic policy or class warfare has negative consequences, but there is the optimistic belief that these outcomes can always be dealt with through the implementation of new programs and methods. Failure to efficiently and correctly subdue the climate crisis will bring about meteoric environmental shifts that could be detrimental to our existence on this planet. Despite this, the gap between political action and scientific evidence is still wide. Many would suggest that failure to deal with the crisis will not be due to lack of ability but instead lack of governmental will and initiative. Many countries have set goals for cutting carbon dioxide emissions to safer more stable levels but little
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legislation has been passed to move towards these goals.
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The Global Environmental Crisis - Gordon Eric MAX-132 Final...

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