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Mice in Space - Eric Gordon ETS-154 Joe Kappes Due: 9/27/11...

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Eric Gordon ETS-154 Joe Kappes Due: 9/27/11 Mice in Space: Holding on to Childhood It has always seemed that one of the cruel ironies in life is that we only get one chance to be a child. By the time we come to a level of maturity that we realize this fact, most of the innocent youthful years are already behind us. There are many who if given the opportunity would change some aspect of their childhood. But children do not focus on their childhood, they focus on growing up. Lynne Ramsay’s 1999 film Ratcatcher deals with this issue of innocence and growing up. In the film, the young coming of age James finds himself tied down by issues ranging in the age spectrum. Placed in a society that forces him to be self-sufficient and mature, James has to fight for the right to maintain his childish playtime. The mise-en-scene in Ratcatcher creates an image of working class depression in an adult world but is used by the children of the movie in a playful and happy way showing the strength of innocence and the persistence of children in the pursuit of playful enjoyment. Ramsay’s depiction of Glasgow in the 1970’s is intended to appear dirty and run down. It gives an impression of sleepy working class housing projects, cheap and crowded. But despite this depressed atmosphere, the families function similarly to any other family in any other higher income area. The adult men work to support their children and wives, the women look after the children and shop for groceries. And the kids run outside to play, as all kids should and as all kids do. They do not live in a child friendly world. But never the less, it is a playground to them. This is made evident by their familiarity with the objects around them as toys. They beat
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Mice in Space - Eric Gordon ETS-154 Joe Kappes Due: 9/27/11...

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