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Monarchy in Fifteenth Century England (Final A)

Monarchy in Fifteenth Century England (Final A) - Eric...

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Eric Gordon Final Essay HST-231 Due: 12/16/11 Monarchy in Fifteenth Century England Fifteenth Century England saw the rule of seven monarchs beginning with the Lancaster king Henry IV of (1399-1413) and ending with the Tudor, Henry VII (1485-1509). 1 This is an incredible number of kings for a mere 100 year period. Those living in 15 th century England did not live easy lives. The Hundred Years War raged in France while famine on the home front created an aura of financial woe. In this chaotic time, there was no one stable reign. It is for that reason that the monarchy as a legendary institution was able to survive. The throne was hotly contested. The English citizens in turmoil needed a monarch to depend on. The lack of order and well-being could be attributed to the lack of a steady king that it paralleled. However, the presence of two strong reigns at the beginning and the end of the century was enough to maintain a high national regard for the monarchy as an institution. The dominating factor of the 15 th century was war on both English and French soil. The Hundred Years War would last until shortly after the death Henry IV in 1452. 2 And the War of the Roses raged for the thirty year directly following it until 1485. 3 After more than a century of continued warfare it is reasonable that the commoners forced to participate would be tired and angry at the constant fighting. Violence had embedded itself in society as a thing of sport and social status. Jousting was a major pastime, and accomplishments on the battle field were a mark of social success. 4 However, both wars were started to solve issues of the crown. To fight for 1 Lacey Baldwin Smith, This Realm of England 1399-1688 8 th ed. (Houghton Mifflin Company, 2001). p. 361.
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Monarchy in Fifteenth Century England (Final A) - Eric...

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