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30 Rock paper - Eric Gordon ETS-145 Due: 2/20/12 Stutsman...

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Eric Gordon ETS-145 Due: 2/20/12 Stutsman Narrative and Ideology in “30 Rock” The function and structure of typical film story and plotlines, as discussed in Graeme Turner’s “Film Narrative”, follows a general guideline that accounts for character development and the progression of plot events. However, while this outline is highly applicable to movies, it becomes slightly skewed in the interpretation of serial television series. This contrast comes from the common television practice of multiple plotlines in a single episode and the ever shuffling combination of character interactions in a highly condensed time period. Therefore the ideologies of the characters and the show need to be the primary focus plot and story at all times. The hit NBC comedy “30 Rock” plays off the wacky atmosphere of the writing and production of a separate fictional show, “tgs”. The writers, producers, and actors involved with the show all have their own quirks and traits that, when combined, create hilarious situational narratives with a fast paced and upbeat tempo. “30 Rock” is able to stay fresh and continue to generate new material because the placement of its various characters into the roles described by Turner comes in a different combination with every new episode. A character can be the primary villain one week only to be the princess the following week. The comedy comes from the direct confrontation with the ridiculously skewed ideologies that each character is subject to. These ideologies are so abnormal that while we may align with certain characters we never experience
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30 Rock paper - Eric Gordon ETS-145 Due: 2/20/12 Stutsman...

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