A13 Bank Management Risk Assessment

A13 Bank Management Risk Assessment - = 40 II. Assume each...

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A13 Bank Management Risk Assessment I. Below is a basic balance sheet for a bank showing Assets on the left side and Liabilities and Equity on the right side. The main classes of Assets and Liabilities are listed. Assets Liabilities Loans: Deposits: Borrowing: Equity (Bank Capital) Using this balance sheet format, create a balance sheet for two banks: a) Conservative National Bank [CNB] with Equity = 200 and leverage = 12 b) Speculative National Bank [SNB] with Equity = 200 and leverage
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Unformatted text preview: = 40 II. Assume each bank is earning a profit of 1% of Assets. Calculate the ROE for each bank: a. ROE for CNB = b. ROE for SNB = III. Briefly discuss some factors influencing leverage. IV. Examine the credit riskrisk of insolvencyof these two banks under the stress of 5% each banks loans turning out to bad loan scenario as a consequence of a financial crisis. V. Explain briefly the problem of bailouts for the banking system...
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