A17 Warren Buffet and the Trade Deficit

A17 Warren Buffet and the Trade Deficit - f. State which...

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A17 Warren Buffet and the Trade Deficit. Read the Fortune article in Class 27 notes and answer the following questions. 1) Describe the essential characteristics of the economic structure of each imaginary Island. a. Describe “production” in each and their “productive” resources. b. What are the differences in each Island? c. State the value of the current account and the capital account for each Island. d. State the balances for their imaginary world. e. Identify the regions of our world that Buffett intends these Islands to represent.
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Unformatted text preview: f. State which Island is viewed as problematic and discuss why. 2) Discuss how “realistic” or accurate the allegory of the Islands is for the world we live in. 3) Identify the two major concepts we developed in class that are missing from Buffett’s allegory and discuss the implications of these omissions as a critique of the conclusion that is implied by the allegory....
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