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Description of the Financial Crisis Paper (1)

Description of the Financial Crisis Paper (1) - Description...

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Description of the Financial Crisis Paper. The comments below are meant to be suggestive and not mandatory, except for word count. You should present analysis of sufficient depth and breadth to demonstrate that your group has a sound defensible grasp of the reasons for and consequences of the financial crisis. Part I: Your paper will be a concise account of the Financial Crisis. Your account will require an introductory statement of the purpose of Financial Institutions—Banks and Shadow Banks—and how they function. This will require a brief discussion of the structure of balance sheets, leverage, ROA and ROE and how banks operate to increase both operation profits and asset size. This discussion will lead into your discussion of the risks financial institutions face and how these risks can be handled. Part II: In this part of your paper, you may discuss the essential relation of financial institutions to the social institution we name money—what it is and how its supply changes.
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