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F 2011 MT2 study guide

F 2011 MT2 study guide - 16 is a 5 point bank Management...

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MT2 study guide: MT2 Part I has 15 MC questions: (45 points) 4 on derivatives; 4 on Exchange rates; 4 on Financial Institutions; 3 on Bank Management Part II has 3 essay/problem Questions (55 pts)
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Unformatted text preview: 16. is a 5 point bank Management question 17. is a 20 point financial Institution/Bank Management question 18. is a 30 point derivative/hedge question like we have done before...
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  • Winter '10
  • JerryNelson
  • Financial services, Triangular number, Bank Management question, point derivative/hedge question, Institution/Bank Management question

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