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Unformatted text preview: Business Management 401, Winter 2012 COURSE OUTLINE DATE TOPIC STUDY BEFORE CLASS DUE IN CLASS 5-Jan Thur Introduction & Interest Rates 10-Jan Tues 12-Jan Thur Evaluating financial performance Higgins Ch. 1, p. 16-18; Ch. 2, p. 37-55 Problem Set #1 17-Jan Tues Higgins Ch. 3, p. 89-104 Problem Set #2 19-Jan Thur Managing growth Higgins Ch. 4, p. 123-145 24-Jan Tues Financial instruments Higgins Ch. 5, p. 153-168 Problem Set #3 26-Jan Thur No Class 31-Jan Tues Clarkson Lumber Case analysis - Clarkson 2-Feb Thur Venture capital Problem Set #4 7-Feb Tues Problem Set #5 (Not handed in) 9-Feb Thur IPOs and SEOs Higgins Ch. 5, p. 170-179 14-Feb Tues Capital Structure Higgins Ch. 6, p. 203-239 Problem Set #6 16-Feb Thur MCI Communications Case analysis - MCI 23-Feb Thur Payout policy Problem Set #7 28-Feb Tues Intel Case analysis - Intel 1-Mar Thur Cost of capital Higgins Ch. 8, p. 295-320 Problem Set #8 6-Mar Tues 8-Mar Thur Problem Set #9 13-Mar Tues Marriott Case analysis - Marriott 15-Mar Thur...
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This note was uploaded on 02/22/2012 for the course BUS M 401 taught by Professor Toddmitton during the Winter '10 term at BYU.

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