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Unformatted text preview: Storyposted Tuesday, 01-Dec-9809:50:56- Online Athens . Donnan gets another huge win In short tenure . UGA jazzman still swinging . Pets receive Blessing of the Animals . River survey turns up odd finds . Glrt.scourage to beat leukemia Inspires marathoners . Proposed homestead exmptlon increase not likely to survive . Tallgaters head to Oconee Fall ',. If'estivaJ . Areane_ brief. . Suburbanites beginning to trickle back into downtown Atlant1l . pon: Gubernatorial. lieutenant governor races tight . PSCconsultants say Georgia Power should slash rates 18 percent . Robins air base chief agree. with Joint Chiefs readiness assessment . One-time outsider CoverdeU trying to avoid upset . Adventurous seniors share experience of space flight training . Clintontrying to quuh impeachment hearings . Youthminister accidentally kills himself before congregation . Actor Roddy McDowalldies at 70 . Trialset to begin for teen-ager charged in shooting spree at school . Turkish military launches new incursion Into Giant jackpot winner takes a lump-sum check for $10.7 million By James Salzer Staff Writer ATlANTA-Kenny . ,..:'" Dukes was on his way .", ~~'.. to meet his parents at :~:' . ~> '.:'- an auctionin ;,; . . ';< . September when he ep.c. t ' ;- decided to stop at the _. Mobile Express station- .~.;".' InDarienfora cup of . " .,:', coffee and a Quik Pik " . ~" ,- ticketforGeorgia's ' .'11.....
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Computer_Lab__1_Articles - Storyposted Tuesday...

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