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Problem_Set__2 - million Braintree’s assets total $16,392...

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BusM 401 Problem Set #2 Evaluating Financial Performance Instructions: Complete all questions. This problem set is worth 10 points. Problems sets are graded on effort and completeness; you must show your work in order to get full credit. Short answers (“checkpoints”) are available for some questions on Blackboard so that you can check your answers. Full solutions are available on Blackboard after the problem set is due. (Some full answers are found in the back of Higgins; it’s best not to look at these until you have tried your best to answer the question.) 1. Do Higgins, Chapter 1, #6. 2. a. In 2006, Braintree Corporation had net income of $409 million on sales of $52,378
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Unformatted text preview: million. Braintree’s assets total $16,392 million. Show how Braintree’s ROA can be expressed as function of profit margin and asset turnover. b. If Braintree has equity of $8,196 million, what is Braintree’s ROE? 3. Do Higgins, Chapter 2, #5. 4. Do Higgins, Chapter 2, #12, but find data as of fiscal year-end 2008 . Also, look up Delta (DAL) instead of AMR, and look up Alcoa instead of Alcan. You don’t need the Market Insight website, necessarily. You can find the information from financial statements at an Internet finance site such as Yahoo. (Note that if the balance sheet only says Property, Plant, & Equipment, you can assume that is Net PPE.) 2...
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Problem_Set__2 - million Braintree’s assets total $16,392...

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