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Chapter 6 w solutions

Incremental costs for him arent deductible unless she

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Unformatted text preview: she took her husband? Incremental costs for him aren't deductible unless she has a legitimate business purpose for having him there. Hotel costs would be deductible at single rate (if different from doubleoccupancy rate). Continued on next Page>>>>>> 3 Burkett – Tax I - Chapter 6 Assume Theresa was an employee instead of self employed? Form 2106 Reimbursed expenses: Meals? ER would take 50% deduction Other allowed expenses? Reimbursed expenses = no deduction Unreimbursed expenses: Form 2106 Meals? She would reduce meals by 50% and put it on Form 2106. That form flows to Sch A as ID subject to 2% of AGI floor. Other allowed expenses? Form 2106 flows to Sch A as ID subject to 2% of AGI floor. 4...
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