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OL 7 Math[1] - – Part-whole relationships/Class inclusion...

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EDEC 250 Fall 2010 Mathematics in the Play Centered Curriculum Chapter Seven Physical knowledge Information gained from our senses Social knowledge Information learned directly from others (i.e.,) number name seven, sept, metric system Logical-mathematical knowledge Information the mind constructs - relationships Mathematics understanding is emergent, just as the development of literacy Operational thought develops throughout early childhood, by middle childhood most children are capable of operational thought. Rushing the process of development means Frustration Damaged dispositions Lack of a firm foundation Pre-operations/Logical Operations Conservation The underlying concept remains constant (height, weight, number, volume) Reversibility
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Unformatted text preview: – Part-whole relationships/Class inclusion Daily Life Curriculum • Problem solving opportunities that relate to children’s daily lives and experiences – Doubling a class recipe – Ice cream money for a birthday celebration – Equal turns at the computer • Project Approach – Learning about immediate topics EDEC 250 Fall 2010 Play Curriculum • Re-creating daily life situations – setting the table or buying gas in a block center city • Solving problems of their own choosing – Making patterns on the geoboard • Exploring games with rules – Young Children Reinvent Arithmetic - Kamii Play Materials • Calculators • Yardsticks • Telephone & Computers • Scales • Number templates • Sequence puzzles...
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OL 7 Math[1] - – Part-whole relationships/Class inclusion...

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