OL 3 Development [1]

OL 3 Development [1] - relates to later reading...

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EDEC 250 Fall 2010 Play as the Cornerstone of Development Chapter Three play is valuable in and of itself An instrumental focus - . . . the central role of play in constructing and consolidating particular knowledge, skills and competencies Symbolic Thought “use of objects or gestures to represent another object or idea not present in the situation” key accomplishment of the pre-operational stage Role play – symbolizing through pretend play as play matures, children rely less on props Distancing – how closely the object represents the thing is symbolizes a toy car for a car, later a block for a car Perspective taking to keep play going children must be aware of others’ needs Play with words – silliness, rhymes, Seuss Including written language as part of the play Literacy Foundations Symbolic play & understanding written language both demonstrate that an object can represent different things. Taking different perspectives and creating a sequence of behaviors in dramatic play
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Unformatted text preview: relates to later reading comprehension of characters, motives, and plots. Logical Mathematical Thinking Blocks, bikes, sand & water -– form, gravity, spatial relations, cause & effect Dramatic play, manipulatives – – classification – finding similarities among props or toys EDEC 250 Fall 2010 – conservation – identity remains even when roles change Problem Solving – “playing through” ideas Imagination & Creativity – experiencing curiosity and exploring alternatives Social-Moral Development – opportunities to solve problems through play, and as part of the play Play and Culture of the School Instrumental Play - approved of and used by teachers Illicit Play – not approved of, possibly forbidden Recreation Play – letting off steam Bruner How can a system that prepares the immature for entry into society deal with a future that is increasingly difficult to predict within a single lifetime?...
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OL 3 Development [1] - relates to later reading...

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