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Cognitive Load_handout - 11/13/2011 From Behaviorism ....

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11/13/2011 1 From Behaviorism ……. Stimulus-Response To Cognitivism …. Mental structures and processes To Constructivism …. Construction of knowledge, scaffolding Some Learning Theory Commonalities 1. Learners progress through stages 2. Material should be presented in small steps 3. Learners require practice and feedback 4. Social models facilitate learning and motivation 5. Motivational and contextual factors influence learning (Schunk, 2000) There are two ways into Working Memory Idea, Task, Concept Working Memory (Short Term) Visual Aural We process text in our aural channel! Intrinsic represents the load that performing a particular task imposes on our cognitive system The Concept Cognitive Load Extraneous not relevant for learning Germane relevant for learning Determined by the number of information elements and their interactivity Determined by the manner in which the information is presented to learners Intrinsic Extraneous Germane Capacity max.
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Cognitive Load_handout - 11/13/2011 From Behaviorism ....

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