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SOCIAL, EMOTIONAL, AND MORAL DEVELOPMENT KEY CONCEPTS Androgynous: Having both masculine and feminine characteristics. Commitment: Making decisions about areas of one’s life such as educational and career goals, family obligations or goals, as well as political and religious beliefs. Ethnic identity: Psychological attitudes and behaviors towards one’s ethnic and racial group membership. Exploration: A period of role experimentation and trying new behaviors, including contemplating morals and values. Femininity: Stereotypical female behaviors such as being affectionate, warm, gentle, cheerful, and loyal. Gender: The social definition or behaviors learned in the environment about being either male or female. Gender-Constancy : Knowledge that gender will remain the same regardless of behaviors. Gender Identity: Knowledge that one is biologically male or female. Gender-Labeling: Being able to label one’s self and others as male or female. Gender-Role Attitude: The approval or disapproval towards societal expectations for each gender. Gender-Role Identity: Knowledge that one behaves appropriately according to societal expectations for their gender. Gender-Role Flexibility: The ability to alter social expectations of their own and other’s behaviors. Gender-Stability: Knowledge that gender will not change over time.
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Identity Achieved: Adolescents who have explored and made commitments in occupations, academic skills, friendships and values and commit to certain goals and values. Identity Diffusion: Adolescents who either have not yet began the process of exploration (as you might expect for younger children) or have been through the exploration process but were unable to make commitments to their goals and values. Identity Foreclosure
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