Social Cognitive Theory Fall 2011

Social Cognitive Theory Fall 2011 - 9/13/2011 Albert...

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9/13/2011 1 Today’s Agenda Applications of concepts Talk about readings NEXT CLASS Synthesis of Unit 1 Catch up on all readings and notes. (My slides are in Test Overview Bb, Handouts are given during class) Formative Test Albert Bandura’s (1960s +) Social Learning Theory (also called Social Cognitive Theory) Reciprocal determinism Self-regulation Self-efficacy Children watch model behave aggressively with Bobo doll Then model is either rewarded or punished Then children are frustrated, and allowed access to a room with toys, including a Bobo doll Do the children imitate the model’s behavior? Bandura et al., 1961 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 model rewarded model punished boys girls Bandura et al., 1963 Subjects 48 boys and 48 girls attending Stanford U Nursery School Mean age 4.3 years Ss are matched across experimental groups for degree of aggressive behavior shown in nursery school interaction Exposure to an aggressive model (4 conditions) 1. Observe an adult model behave aggressive 2. Observe same adult model and same behaviors, but on film 3. Observe same behaviors performed by a cartoon character 4. Control group (no observations) Response Measures 1. Total aggression 2. Imitative aggression 3. Partially imitative responses Mallet aggression Sitting on the Bobo doll 4. Nonimitative aggression Aggressive gun play Bandura et al. Results 1: Total Aggression Female Male Female Male Real life model Film model Cartoon Model No Model Control Girls Boys
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9/13/2011 2 Bandura et al. Results 2:
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Social Cognitive Theory Fall 2011 - 9/13/2011 Albert...

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