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Test 1 Key concepts - Unit 1 Test: Introduction to Research...

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Unit 1 Test: Introduction to Research Methods Environmental Influences on the Learner and Learning 50 pts. total (40 objective items, 2 open-ended questions) Key Concepts: Research (~15 items) & Bronfenbrenner’s Theory (~ 5 items) Research ethics Quantitative and Qualitative – primary differences Different types of research – Correlational method Descriptive method Experimental method Causal Comparative method Sample Experimental method - Random sample Random assignment of subjects Purpose of control group Extraneous or confounding variables Variables – independent And dependent Strength of correlation Correlation vs. Causation Popular concepts that have no research basis Mozart Schmozart Learning Styles Bronfenbrenner's ecological theory – Microsystem, exosystem, macrosystem, etc. Know what comprises each of these systems. Be able to demonstrate your understanding of the linkages and relationships in these systems. \ Behavioral Theory: Key Concepts (~ 20 items) Behavioral theory: What is learning? Contiguity learning Law of Effect (Thorndike) Difference between classical conditioning and operant conditioning John Watson - BF Skinner – major behavioral theorists Classical conditioning - UCS-NS-UCR-CS-CR –(be able to map a scenario identifying stimuli and responses) Generalization What may inadvertently conditioned through classical conditioning? Extinction Operant conditioning:
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Test 1 Key concepts - Unit 1 Test: Introduction to Research...

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