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Sarah Luposello EED 361 Dr. Christian-Lynch October 21 st , 2011 Reflection of My Learning (So Far…) To start, I just want to admit that this field placements is by far the most effective “class” I’ve ever taken. That is not to say that the strategies I learn during Mara’s class are insignificant, or the classroom management techniques I learn in Jill’s class are meaningless—but, it’s one thing to learn and listen about these strategies and techniques, and entirely different to implement them, and figure out what works in a classroom, what works for a certain age and what does not. That being said, I thought kindergarten would be easy. It’s not. I am completely surprised at how much the students came in knowing in my class, and to be honest, shocked at how much some of them didn’t know. For example, about 5 of the 20 students in the class can already read on a 1 st through 2 nd grade level. Conversely, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned with how little a few of the students know, especially in terms of the alphabet. In fact, 2 out of the 20 students came in to kindergarten without being able to recognize a single letter of the alphabet, yet they could write and say their name. Given the large spectrum of phonetic knowledge, I am completely shocked at how much a teacher must alter a specific lesson on an individual bases in order to challenge those who are already reading, yet help the students who are still learning their alphabet song. I am surprised by
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ReflectionOfMyLearning - Sarah Luposello Dr....

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