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engineering water

engineering water - third highest population in the region...

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Dan Aiello In the Midwest region we see that each state withdraws a certain amount of water. Illinois out of all he states in the region withdraws the most water 13,700 gallons of water daily. When you look at the land distribution we see that Illinois is connected to Lake Michigan which is a massive lake and this explains partly why Illinois withdraws the most water. Another reason why Illinois withdraws the most water is because they have the biggest population in the region. Michigan withdraws 10,000 million gallons per day and this has to do with it being connected to 4 major lakes (Lake Huron, Erie, Michigan and Superior) and because it has the second largest population. Wisconsin withdraws 7590 million gallons per day sits at the 3 rd highest withdrawal of water because it is connected to two lakes (Lake Superior and Lake Michigan) and has the
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Unformatted text preview: third highest population in the region. Minnesota withdrawing 3870 million gallons per day has the fourth highest withdrawal of water for the region because it is connected to a major lake like Lake superior and has various wetlands and lakes with thin the state you would think the state would withdrawn more water. Because Minnesota has the 4 th lowest population of the region it restricts how much water the state need to withdraw from their water sources. Iowa not being connected to any lakes and has minimal water sources within the state only withdraws 3360 million gallons of water per day and also withdraws a small amount of water because it has the lowest population in the region....
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