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Dan Aiello Writing 205 Professor Cronin 28 March 2011 Response to Kozal In the first chapter of The Shame of the Nation Kozol introduces that there is a problem with racial segregation in urban Americans school systems. Kozol says that the main reason why he got involved in the teaching field is the civil rights era. Kozol says that a segregated inner city school has 6 times the chance of having a high concentration of poverty. He goes on saying how schools in cities are segregated due to race and class. White privileged students in the cities go to the better schools in the city which cause this unintentional segregation of races in school. “One of the most disheartening experiences for those who grew up in the years when Martin Luther King and Thurgood Marshall were alive is to visit public schools today that bear their names… and to find how many of these schools are bastions of contemporary segregation” Kozol 2005 p.22 . Kozal later says how in schools named after famous segregation activists we see high amounts of racial segregation. He states that in the Thurgood Marshall school in Seattle has 95% minorities and at the Rosa Parks school in San Diego we see 86% minorities. He says that students in these schools don’t even know about the people who their school is named after. He goes on saying that racial segregation in places like New York City is just as bad as racial segregation in the sixties which is a huge societal problem. The main focus of this chapter is to explain why Kozal got involved in teaching and is meant to give the reader a background of the problems with racial segregation in schools today. In chapter two Kozal starts talking about the differences between urban minority schools
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response to kozal final - Dan Aiello Writing 205 Professor...

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