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response to kozal - WRT 205 Unit 2 Writing Assignments...

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WRT 205 Unit 2 Writing Assignments Leading Class Discussions . In order to lead an effective (one that does not rely solely on summary) class discussion on your group’s chapters of Kozol’s book, follow these guidelines: Use specific paragraphs and page numbers as you refer to the themes you want to present. Research at least one historical fact, statistic, school, article, expert mentioned in each chapter. This will give you some background (and confidence) to lead your classmates through the themes in the chapter. It will also help you notice any contradictions in Kozol’s thinking and give you perspective on his argument. Discuss some rhetorical strategies used. Where is emotion used? How is it used to persuade the audience? What is the purpose of each chapter? What is the claim of each chapter? Look up Kozol on You Tube. You should find some short interviews that you could show to the class that reinforce the main themes. Explain where the connections exists between the ideas Kozol discusses on the videos and the ideas he writes in his book Discuss the types of evidence Kozol uses to support his main claims in each chapter. Evaluate this evidence valuate which seems more credible and why? Play devil’s advocate. What would those who disagree with Kozol say about his arguments? What are some differing perspectives from Kozol’s? Research the No Child Left Behind Act. How does this law play out in segregated schools? What parts are working and what parts are not working? Compose at least five discussion questions for the class for each chapter. These questions will help solidify your discussion and keep the audience participating. Find ways to connect the main themes in each chapter to your audience’s experiences. Here are some themes/issues that recur in the book: segregation/apartheid/discrimination minority communities money/taxes/funding value of public education teacher competence/qualifications pre-school preparation hopelessness/low expectations No Child Left Behind Act ability tracking/grouping urban vs. suburban education charter school school violence parental involvement Response to Kozol’s Shame of the Nation (20 points) This writing assignment connects with the “Leading the Class Discussion” assignment above. You will write a 3-4-page response/analysis to the chapters you presented to the class.
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The first part of the response should be a summary of each chapter where you name the main claims Kozol makes. The second part should be an evaluation of the evidence and support he gives for his
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response to kozal - WRT 205 Unit 2 Writing Assignments...

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