energy - gas is their largest energy source and the produce...

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The sources of energy from the mid Atlantic region account for roughly 8 percent of the country’s energy production and mainly come from nuclear and coal energy. In the Ohio valley region we see that coal is their main source of energy and the produce 13.35 percent of the US energy. In the south central region we see most of their energy comes from natural gas and crude oil and they produce about 14 percent of the nation’s energy. In the Great Plains we see natural
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Unformatted text preview: gas is their largest energy source and the produce about 6 percent of the nation’s energy. In the southwest region we see a huge amount of energy produced from crude oil because of all the oil in Texas and they make 28 percent of the nation’s energy. From all of this we can tell America is very dependent on energy sources that aren’t clean. America needs to invest more in green energy to make the country cleaner....
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