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Population Of the Southeast 2 – Group 8 February 17 th , 2012 Daniel Jerolimov – Discussion: Future Population Corey Carpenter – Intro, Approach, Results: Data, Tables and Graphs Daniel Aiello – Discussion: Net Migration, Population Density Mandela Effiong -
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The Southwest region of the United States includes the states of Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. This report includes key population metrics for each state individually and for the region as a whole -- crude birth and death rates, natural increase, net domestic and international migrations, total population, and population density. An analysis of the age structure and a prediction of the regional population by the year 2050 using a developed rate of population change are also included. The objectives are to identify the population dynamics and to interpret the data’s significance. All data is obtained from the 2010 United States Census. The data was then analyzed using Microsoft Excel. A population pyramid for the region was developed using the age structure of the Census data. The population metrics provided by the Census were used to calculate a rate of population change for the region and using an exponential growth model, the future population is predicted. Discussion: -Examining Natural Increase: (Appendix A) -Examining Net Migration: (Appendix B) Net Migration is calculated by taking the difference between the in migration to the out migration. In the South East’s Case domestic and international migration is fairly high. When we took a look at the data for the migrations we drew a few conclusions as to why this is happening. The high amounts of people migrating to this region are directly
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Population%2520Report-1 (1) - Population Of the Southeast 2...

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