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performance reflection - Dan Aiello HOM 195 Hutchinson...

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Dan Aiello HOM 195 Hutchinson 12/8/11 Performance Reflection In HOM 195 we have seen all kinds of performances throughout the semester. From participatory performances to presentational performances we have all seen how an audience reacts, how music is played and the importance of the structure of the music. Participatory performances require an inviting atmosphere where the audience jumps in. In presentational performances, the audience is respectful of the performer and only participates to applaud the performer at the end of the performance. Behind the scenes, there are people who make the performances run smoothly. The only aspect of these performances that we did not get to see (but we did study) was the behind the scenes aspects for performances. However I have yet to see what it looks like from the other side until I had to be the music controller for the Air Guitar competition. The air guitar performance is in no means as complicated behind the scenes at a Lady Gaga Concert. However the air guitar performance did give me some insight on how difficult a
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performance reflection - Dan Aiello HOM 195 Hutchinson...

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