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Dan Aiello Writing 205 Professor Cronin 24 January 2011 Synthesis Essay In the two articles Achievement Gap or Development Gap by Lenora B. Fulani and Gabrielle L. Kurlander Equalizing Opportunity by Richard Rothstein both convey similar ideas in their articles throughout the different messages they are trying to send. These authors have very similar ideas in the sense of what problem they see in society. However if we had these two authors sit in a room together and talk they would probably say there is a different solution to this problem. The authors from Achievement Gap or Development and Richard Rothstein both agree that the achievement gap comes from economic class and parent’s education; the way they disagree is how you go about fixing this problem. In these articles both would agree that parents
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Unformatted text preview: have a huge impact on a Childs mental development in life. The authors in Achievement Gap or Development Gap believe that yes you can fix this gap by making all classes equal however they state that it’s unrealistic to be able to change these things. The only thing they suggest to help this problem is to look to programs within the school. In the other article Rothstein claims that the country is to blame for these problems and makes it sound like he wants a Marxist government to solve the problem. Rothstein pretty much calls for equalizing of wealth and saying this is an issue that the country should deal with. Both authors have a very equal understanding that there is a common problem in society however they believe there are two very different ways to fix this problem....
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