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Dan Aiello Writing 205 Professor Cronin 24 January 2011 Response to Article In this article written by Sonia Nieto it is saying that students of minority ethnicity are less reluctant to take higher level classes like calculus and physics which contributes to the education gap. They also relate part of the education gap to the number of minority teachers and how there is a very low amount of minority teachers and when there is more minority teachers learning will increase for the same minority. This point I really do not agree with because I have had black teachers before and the learning experience has been no different. Sonia also brings up that living in a certain area creates part of this education gap. She states that areas that are wealthier can pay back into the school and therefore students in that school will have better opportunities in that school. I agree with this statement because when I went to public school
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Unformatted text preview: areas that were wealthier always had nicer facilities and poorer had out of date facilities. She also talks about special classes for kids with language barriers and how they get put into the worse parts of the school and how that’s creating a education barrier. In my personal situation in middle school I had some classes in trailer type buildings and I do not see how that could be a detriment to a kids’ education. Not once have I seen classes like that segregated and put in bad areas of the school. She also claims that the experience and knowledge of teachers in poorer areas is less than in middle class areas. I definitely agree with this statistic because teachers want to get jobs in areas that are “nicer” and the best teachers will get jobs there and then you will see that the teachers that aren’t as good get jobs at the poorer school districts....
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