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structures cheat sheet

structures cheat sheet - Loads Material Aluminum 165 25.9...

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Loads Material Aluminum 165 25.9 Brick 120 18.8 Reinforced Concrete 150 23.6 Structural Steel 490 77 Wood 40 6.3 Dead Loads on Structures Calculate slab load on beam- find area of load from slab on beam find volume of that area multiply by the unit weight and divide that over the length of the beam and u will get the load per foot on the beam from the slab. Dead load of beam- multiply unit weight by the cross sectional area and this will give u the dead load of the beam per foot. Reaction diagram of beam- add the dead load of beam and slab load together multiple by the length of beam and divide by two to find reactions. Load on girder with reaction diagram- when finding the girder’s load you will take all of the reactions from the beams placed on girder and calculate the dead load of it of that girder and then calculate the reactions. Loads on the columns- Loads on the columns will equal the reactions of the girders places on top of the columns.
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