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Dan Aiello 9/25/11 Prof. Lindner GEO. 103 Response Paper #3 In the article “Individualization: Plant a Tree, Buy a Bike, Save World?” By Michael F. Maniates shows that making the environment cleaner is all placed on the individual’s shoulders. I found the way Maniates looked at environmental situations to be pretty fascinating and different from other view points. Maniates believes that the way to clean up the world is to change the peoples mind set. He starts off his piece by bringing in the Dr. Seuss story about of Mr. Once-ler who decimated a forest of Truffila trees that produce Thneeds to meet customer’s demands. He uses this story to show how consumption is the main contributor to the destruction of the environment. He gives us an example of how people try to be environmentally friendly by buying fuel efficient cars, however this just adds to pollution. He explains how people totally leave out the A in the IPAT equation. The A in the IPAT equation means affluence which has to
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