GEo 103 response #2

GEo 103 response #2 - Dan Aiello GEO 103 9/11/11 Keith...

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Dan Aiello GEO 103 9/11/11 Keith Lindner Response Paper # 2 In “Slicing up the Rainforest on Your Breakfast Cereal”, by John Vandermeer and Ivette Perfecto, these two authors explained the poor economic status of Costa Rica and how it correlates with the destruction of this country’s beautiful rainforest. These two authors go into great detail explaining the inner workings of this country and how the people make a living here. Vandermeer and Perfecto tell us how banana companies practically run Costa Rica by working with government officials to get permission to conduct business in the rainforests. They explain to us that banana companies get access to these precious rainforests because of the great economic growth they bring to Costa Rica and it’s a sacrifice worth taking for the government. The big banana companies like the Standard Fruit Company give the people of Costa Rica opportunities to work at their plantations however these jobs are very unstable because they adjust to the market and these companies lay workers off as a result to this. This further increases
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GEo 103 response #2 - Dan Aiello GEO 103 9/11/11 Keith...

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