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Dan Aiello GEO 103 9/11/11 Keith Lindner Response Paper # 1 In “Thirteen Ways of Seeing Nature in L.A.,” Jenny Price tries to explain that you can find nature in any place in the world, including very industrialized locations. Jenny Price was originally from Boulder, Colorado and now lives in Los Angeles. She compares and contrasts these two cities and talks about the environmental wrongs that are prevalent L.A. Moreover, Price mainly talks about the fifty-one mile Los Angeles River that cuts through the city and the terrible air quality that torments L.A. Price claims that even though people look at Los Angeles as the “Death Star to American nature lovers,” we can still find nature in this once beautiful city. Jenny Price highlights a couple pretty interesting ideas throughout her piece that prove if you look closely enough, you can find nature in the most unlikely of places. One point Price emphasizes is that people in Boulder, Colorado can enjoy the nature scenery and all the products and amenities that people in an urban setting enjoy. Meanwhile,
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