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Construction Project Proposal 2

Construction Project Proposal 2 - also listened to your...

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Construction Project Proposal To: Jeanette Jeneault From: Dan Aiello and Sean Pardy Subject: Progress Memo Date: 8/11/11 We have made tons of progress in the past week and since we met in our conference. I have been fine tuning the webpage and using your advice to perfect it. I changed the logo like you recommended and used the website to create a more modern and professional looking logo. I
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Unformatted text preview: also listened to your advice and making the webpage smaller and easily seen without scrolling down. The webpage is looking a lot more professional thanks to your help. Sean has been working on gathering info and trying to create the last step in our proposal. After we finish this part the project will be finished and ready to be submitted.-Dan Aiello...
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