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Introduction: We have decided to create a webpage for a company called PA Construction. This website’s purpose is to display what a great company PA construction really is. We designed this website so it is extremely user friendly and so people won’t leave this website with questions about PA Construction. This website is intended on keeping a professional tone and targeting a very wide demographic that this company reaches. This website will show the past projects PA Construction has worked on and give a background about the company so the views can achieve a personal attachment to the company and feel comfortable doing business with them. Objective: Dan will be creating the structure of the webpage. He will be using certain aspects taken from the
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Unformatted text preview: Williams book to make the page very user friendly. The main page will have a blown up picture of a bridge PA Construction has worked on with their logo placed on top of it. Also played on the picture will be PA constructions slogan which will have a glowing border so viewers are attracted to it. Above the picture will be links bringing you to certain parts of the website. These links will take u to pages like past projects and pages for a client to contact PA Construction. Sean will be researching construction companies and finding out how they reach out to their demographics. He will find out PA Construction target demographic and see to it that the design of this website will reach out to all the demographics....
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