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Construction Project Proposal To: Jeanette Jeneault From: Dan Aiello and Sean Pardy Subject: Progress Memo Date: 7/29/11 We decided to use Construction Management as our subject for project three. Our proposal will be for a construction management group for a website on their company and how they can be used for any jobsite whether it is a private or government job. The audience will be government contracting because in the engineering world, American infrastructure is the target market for construction management groups at this time. We decided as a group that Sean will be gathering information about the construction management company, and creating a section of the website that will show viewers how the
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Unformatted text preview: company can take on large responsibilities. Sean will also be researching all other information about the company and including it in the website. Dan will create the website and make it user friendly by obeying all of the rules set by the Williams book. Dan will also be take Sean’s information and organize it so that together, they can reach the clients the management group is trying to target. Attached in this email is a rough draft of our proposal for the construction management company. It will include additions and clarifications to our early draft proposal. In the next week, we will be pushing to designing an effective and usable webpage for this company....
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