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SOC 281 Finalized Film Project - Andrew Weinstein SOC 281...

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Andrew Weinstein SOC 281 – Film Project Professor MacDonald 16 November 2010 Films are created for a variety of reasons . Some directors wish to invoke feelings within the audience; others desire to make the viewer laugh or scream in terror . However, one of the more prominent reasons to create films is to instill values and teach lessons . These films allow the viewer to be engrossed within the material and connect the storyline to their own lives . Although the film may not outright state the message it is trying to convey, audiences are still able to grasp the lessons meant to be learned . The comedy Mrs . Doubtfire , directed by Chris Columbus and starring Robin Williams, is a perfect example of a film that sends a message to the viewers . The 1993 comedy, based off the novel Madame Doubtfire by Anne Fine, centers around Williams’s character Daniel, whose marriage falls apart . After his wife divorces him, he manages to find a way to still be involved in his three children’s lives: dressing up as a 60-year- old British housekeeper and babysitter named Mrs . Doubtfire. Meanwhile, Daniel attempts to gain a steady life with a new apartment and job . Throughout the film, he grows closer to his children and ex-wife, Miranda, and starts to realize his flaws as a father and husband . Soon, his older two kids learn of his disguise, but agree to keep it a secret because they too long to be with their father . Nevertheless, after many hilarious situations and circumstances, Daniel is finally revealed to Miranda, who is infuriated with his deceit . The courts give sole custody of the children to her,
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but after realizing that he only acted the way he did out of love for his family, she opts to change the settlement and allows Daniel to see the children whenever he pleases . They agree upon joint physical custody, which Cherlin (2010) defines as a situation where “the children spend substantial time in each household – perhaps alternating on a weekly basis” (p .391), The film concludes with Daniel disguised as Mrs . Doubtfire on a children’s show talking about family, and how they come in all different shapes and sizes . But no matter what happens, if the family has love, then that is all that matters . That is the message of Mrs . Doubtfire . The film mainly focuses on divorce; causes of it and how it can affect family members . It addresses the different ways families can cope with the aftermath . Additionally, the idea of having a blended family and step-parenting is displayed within the film . Families who have been affected by divorces can learn substantially from this film . The spouses themselves can
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SOC 281 Finalized Film Project - Andrew Weinstein SOC 281...

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