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PRACTICAL TRANSLATION [ORGANIZATION] LECTURES °° Topresentgenerallinguisticconceptsand translation strategies °° To reflect critically and consciously upon real translation practice – What is translating about? • TRANSLATION as a PRODUCT • TRANSLATION as a PROCESS • PRE-TRANSLATION • TRANSLATION •Pre-transfer •Transfer •Post-transfer • POST-TRANSLATION Discussion Someone who is bilingual will always produce the best translation Does being a native speaker of two languages necessarily mean that you can translate between them ? TRANSLATION SKILLS LINGUISTIC SKILLS Understanding how languages express information, how this varies across languages and how to apply this knowledge in the translation of texts PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCE Translating competence Textual competence (in the SL and TL) Research competence Cultural competence Technical competence (According to the Quality Standard EN 15038 , published in 2006 by CEN, the European Committee for Standarization), A good translator can translate from and into her/his own native
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