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H8F11sols - Homework 8 Question A researcher is conducting...

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Homework 8 Question A researcher is conducting an experiment to see if having brighter light bulbs and lighter colored counter-tops leads to more sanitary kitchens. Forty families moving into University Housing agree to be part of an experiment regarding “kitchen usage” in exchange for a $20 participation fee. Half of the kitchens have the equivalent of 150 watts of lighting and the other half have the equivalent of 250 watts of lighting. Half of the kitchens have light colored countertops and half have dark colored ones. However, none of the new residents are told that the units are intentionally different or that cleanliness is the “usage” being monitored. The kitchens are all professionally sanitized before anyone moves in and have their level of bacterial contamination measuredat the end of one month. From past studies, the researcher also knows that having infants in the family and the frequency of dining out might have an affect as well.
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