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H6F11sols - your sample didn’t reply for any reason(here...

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Homework 6 Question The University is interested in knowing what percent of all of its alumni would be more likely to donate to the University if they had the option of not being contacted by the University again unless they skipped giving both of the following two years. The alumni association has a list of 123,716 alumni that they have current e-mail addresses for. 5,000 of these are sent an e-mail with the question. 1,312 of those respond. 815 of those would be more likely to donate. The problem that not all of the alumni have e-mail addresses is an example of: Answer Nonresponse Processing Error Response Error Undercoverage For more: Nonresponse is on page 61. In particular note that nonresponse are when those you wanted to be in
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Unformatted text preview: your sample didn’t reply for any reason (here we have 5,000-1,312=3,688 nonresponders). Processing error and response error are on page 60. Undercoverage is on page 59. Question That some of the alumni contacted chose not to respond is an example of a: Answer sampling error non-sampling error For more: The difference between sampling and nonsampling errors are on page 58. Particularly relevant is nonresponse on page 61. Question Having a larger sample size: Answer reduces non-sampling error reduces random sampling error reduces the sampling errors not caused by randomness For more: See the first few lines of the “Sampling errors” section on page 58. See also “To reduce variability” on page 41....
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