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Homework 2 Question "The Gamecock" is interested in what pe with gas prices (instead of always being an earlier article and decide to use that to contact. Of those 150 respond to their q The sample is: Answer Adult South C Registered Vo The 68 who w The 150 who The 400 who For more: See the top of page 9 (fourth l population on page 8 and, later on, the sa Question A volunteer for an exit poll at an election candidate before the polls close. To do t and ask them how they voted. Which of the following is more likely to Answer The volunteer gets distr to. The more conservative liberal voters. For more: See the definition of bias on p ercentage of adult South Carolians favor allowin fixed). They have access to a list of registered to select their sample from.
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Unformatted text preview: They choose 400 na question. 68 of the 150 are in favor of the increa Carolinians oters in SC were "in favor" responded were chosen to contact line down) for what a sample is. Related mater sampling frame on page 58. n is trying to estimate the percentage of voters th this they randomly stop some of the people leav o lead to the volunteer getting biased results? tracted a lot and misses asking some of the people voters are more likely to say they don't want to a page 22. This is also talked about later in Chapt ng the gas tax to increase voters in the state from ames at random to ase. rial is about the that voted for a certain ving the polling place le they were supposed answer than the more ter 3, around page 39....
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