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1 Scharar Megan Scharar English 102-025 Abigail Wolford 9 December 2011 The Bigger Picture I need, two words that my generation has come so accustomed to using they are almost a cliché. I fell victim to these words until the age of 14. As a child born into an upper-middle class family, I assumed everything that I had in my life, others had, too. Hard work and earning what I had was a quality my parents instilled in me, but I expected my lifestyle and never really understood what it was like to not have everything I believed I needed. In 2007, my life changed when I signed up for a trip to Mexico to build a house for a family in need. I had done volunteer work before, but never like this. How could one volunteer project impact my life so greatly? When I realized how happy people could be without having all the unnecessary commodities, reevaluating my own life seems to be essential. Green lawns, uniform trees lining the driveways, strategically arranged track homes, and children riding their bikes in the street all seemed like some suburban scene from a movie. Children are meant to be carefree and that was exactly what I was. My biggest worries in the world were which outfit I would wear that day, who I was going to hang out with that weekend, or whether or not I had the in demand commodity. Being raised in a family where I never had to worry about having everything I needed to survive or be comfortable in life really limited my perspective of the world. Of course I saw the horrible images of poverty and natural disasters leaving people with nothing on television and in magazines, but I had never been out in the world to experience these things for myself; and to be honest, not many people have. When I
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2 signed up for a Mexico Mission trip through my church, I never expected it to drastically alter my point of view. Good Samaritan Lutheran Church was the host of my faith, the leader of my spiritual journey, and the provider of free coffee and doughnuts on Sundays. Every summer the church would take a trip down to Tijuana, Mexico and build a couple houses for families that needed them. My mother, being the extreme conservative, protective woman that she was, would never let me attend the mission trip due to the location and the thought that I would be abducted and sold into sex trafficking; my mother has the wildest of imaginations. After begging my mother
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Person Essay - 1 Scharar Megan Scharar English 102-025...

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