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Megan Scharar Abigail Wolford English 102 07 October 2011 Merging and Clashing Cultures: Media, Technology, Music and Film This chapter discusses the impact that a global network has on culture and influence worldwide. By creating a network that intermingles. A “global village” has been created where the world is expanding, yet shrinking. The music industry is dominated by richer countries that expand their ideas to smaller ones limiting cultural diversity and creating a uniform style throughout the world. Some say that the world is becoming homogenized because of the influences from all around the world. People feel like they are losing their own culture. The Middle East is a hot spot and some believe that reality TV can improve relations. Technological togetherness has actually created a global, unfiltered bias. Rural countries are now setting up computer centers. It can be said that this is problem solving or persuasion. What are the priorities
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Unformatted text preview: of the ICT’s and are they really beneficial to the development of rural or impoverished countries? Cost will always be a major factor in seeing whether or not the digital divide will ever be bridged. I feel that this chapter was extremely interesting. I never knew how influential music, films, the media, etc. were on the world. It is hard to see past our own realm of networking and never realize that our entertainment is actually molded and can be dictated by the world around us. I think that it is almost a shame that there is not much of a diverse culture from country to country when it comes to the digital age because individual culture should be the most important aspect of a country. A homogeneous way of life globally will be detrimental to the individuality of every nation....
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