Slavery History 111

Slavery History 111 - I Double Dare You Go ahead do it...

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Go ahead do it, mention the word Slavery in a room full of people and see what happens, you’ve just created a big bowl of controversies and opinions. The purpose of the past is to learn from our mistakes even if it is not ours specifically. Though Slavery is a touchy subject itself, what is worse is how the quality of high-school textbooks complicate the debate even further. Students of a White background view history with a special dislike. They have a tendency to “hate” America after reading about past overbearing decisions that the nation has made. This is purely because of two reasons. The first is how they in particular they were raised. Second is that the information within the books has open “holes” left for interpretation and opinion. For example: the Confederate flag to the south meant: freedom to make their own decisions including keeping slavery. And to the north it meant freedom of equality among all races. Today many people take offense to the brandishing of the Confederate flag, while others accept it whole-heartedly. Soldiers who were involved in the war on either side told their families and friends the “right side” of the civil war, this was passed down from generation to generation and interpreted by many different opinions. This is where the term ‘over
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Slavery History 111 - I Double Dare You Go ahead do it...

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