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Katherine West Psychology 120 January 25 th 2012 Self- Reflection Becoming a Psychology major has been an interest to me for years. Helping people is a big part of why this field interests me. I am attending Boise State because I want to go into a career that I love and college gives me the tools I need to get where I want to be in the end. Another reason that I am in college and plan on staying is so I am able to support my younger sister with her cerebral palsy in the future. There are many reasons for why I’m here now but those above are the main reasons. Why I’m at Boise State specifically is because of the courses and the teaching staff. I found that when visiting other universities before choosing Boise State the professors didn’t seem to be too interested in the students and just wanted to get through the lectures. That wasn’t something I saw here at Boise State. That is why I chose to attend this university.
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Unformatted text preview: Currently the plan is to finish my bachelors in Psychology and Sociology in four years through the Finish in Four program and then got to graduate school in Alaska. With the amount of students graduating with Psychology degrees I know that the availability of jobs will be more limited than years previous; however, this does not dampen my outlook or change my mind in the least on becoming a Psychology major. This major can open multiple opportunities ranging from education to working in hospitals depending on how far you take your degree. I am aware of the requirements needed to gain this degree and I know the difficulties that will come up if this trend of higher psychology graduates continues and I’m willing to face them and go for what I want to obtain. A degree in Psychology and to become a Clinical Psychologist....
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