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Katherine West Japanese 102 Writing Assignment 1 February 4 th , 2012 Chris, America is large, lively, but the people are very busy. It’s an interesting place. I have lived in America for twelve years. I love the people in America but I hate the weather. The summers in America are hot. The winters are sometimes cold. I dislike hot weather but the weather isn’t always bad. I want to visit Japan in the future. The weather is interesting. Japan is also interesting. This town is fun, and big. I love Boise. Boise is very lively but the people are nice. My family has lived in Boise for about two years. They love it here in Boise. I hang out with my friends in town; we go to restaurants and do other things around town. It’s fun!
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Unformatted text preview: My mom is forty four years old. She works for a company. My dad also works for the same company. My mom is short and has short hair and wears glasses. My dad is forty five years old. He is tall and has very short hair. My parents are quiet but interesting. My younger sister is very lively. She is eighteen years old. She is short, has extremely long hair, and she has large eyes. My friend is very kind. Her name is Amy and she is 20 years old. Amy is funny and sometimes quiet. She is tall and has long hair. I have a dog and so does Amy. We both love dogs....
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