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Mary Daly October 5, 2010 Clip: Roseanne Depicting semiotics Music changes drastically: when showing the older house, rough and loud rock (or blues) music. When showing the new house classical, light music Flutes vs. guitars or harmonicas Neighbors = upper middle class The Connor’s = working class family Representation of two different social class families Neighbors= modern house, lavender and pastel colors, clean Connor’s= more knick knack’s, orange/brown rusty colors, old looking, dingy, old Elegance vs. Utility Rust or avocado shaded appliances from the 70’s vs. brand new white appliances Things to consider fro your Ad Word choice: what words are used in the advertisement Miami riot; Miami party; Miami protest; Miami uprising World Trade Center Attackers: terrorists, sociopaths, criminals, evildoers, religious zealots, soldiers, martyrs, freedom fighters, heroes The font that the words are presented in Bourbon : it is in script, which gives it elegance, written as if it was written with a quail pen (old world elegance) Jim Bean : bold black letters, functional, the message is bold, unadorned font to connect with a masculine audience Aquafina : changing colors = vivid, colorful, alive, playful, quirky Water and Life are larger and din bold letters while other text is written in cursive MP3 Player Ad : orange = edgy, hip, urban color Belvedere Vodka : clean, sophisticated, cold = white coloring
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Very crisp looking because of the blue/white icy look “You could drink the other vodka, just like the person next to you” Setting Dillard’s : man jumping around on sidewalk, he is at a nice place, traditional, bricks, in crisp suit, ivy on the walls = old money (historical) windows pains, Tudor style mansion Tommy’s : red, white and blue. Hampton style house in the background= uppity, east coast beach life (as does their clothing represent that, preppy brand names), American McDonald’s : bold “Mc”, modern urban apartment style, retro and funky, exposed brick conveys a lot, perhaps Europe or perhaps New York, living in a loft, actors in the setting are young meant to expand the demographic out of the suburban family to younger people Framing National Guard : the camera angle is looking up therefore making you “look up” to these soldiers and heroes, dramatic way to frame the picture Lincoln : sleek, bird’s eye view, steel, strong, modern, energy, fast, speed performance Time : framing is a subtle difference but dramatic. If the person is someone you’re supposed to respect the image will be cropped below the soldiers or not as up close. If you are supposed to fear, feel sympathy for it is zoomed in and cropped at the neck EXTREME CLOSE-UPS Image Qualities Vera Wang : blurred picture = mystery and seduction, can not see the face of the man, soft focus adds to sense of seductiveness and romance, leaning in captures the moment of passion Hummer : very dominating, take ups the entire picture, head on it is
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COMchap11notes - Mary Daly October 5 2010 Clip Roseanne...

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