Bible Study - OLD TESTAMENT Genesis THE BEGINNING Expulsion...

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OLD TESTAMENT Genesis THE BEGINNING Expulsion from Garden of Eden = “The Fall of Man” Punishments: 1) Expulsion 2) Pain in childbirth 3) Men have to work 4) Serpent unable to walk Round fruit = roundness of women and womb Snake = first phallic symbol = Satan Marriage in church man, woman, god. Sex sanctified. Sex without marriage = lust. Know = have sex. Meat is more satisfying so God preferred Abel’s sheep. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” i.e. to what extent is the welfare of others our business? Exile frequent punishment in Genesis Mark of Cain Incest frequent in Genesis Important biblical figures separated by 14 generations NOAH Noah: 7 pairs of clean animals, 2 pairs of unclean animals - Unclean = not kosher no split hooves, chew own cud Symbolism of ark story: raven does not come back = death. 7 days later, dove brings back olive branch = peace. Dove not returning = land is dry. Nudity: Honor thy father and mother - Naked = vulnerable - Son should not see father naked Ham’s generations forced to be servants for eternity Tower to Heaven = putting selves equal to God - Babel babbling ABRAM/ABRAHAM Abram: 1) A lot of land 2) Protection from God 3) Blessed people 4) Blessed generations 5) Nation will believe in God Symbol = circumcision on 8 th day Circumcision = penis ultimate male symbol, circumcision is the ultimate sacrifice of masculinity to God Lot’s destination matters to him Men of Sodom are gay God out to create a Hebrew nation. Few Hebrews therefore Lot’s daughters sleep with him to preserve seed.
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Abraham = first Hebrew Abraham = father of nations Sarah = princess Hagar and Ishmael exiled symbolic of wanderers ISAAC Isaac needs to marry a relative of Abraham Rebekah is a second cousin Water = fertility: Isaac meets Rebekah near well Jacob meets Rachel near well Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel barren to show power of God JACOB Birth of son holding ankle = symbolism of Jacob resting and Esau working Birthright of son = father’s inheritance
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Bible Study - OLD TESTAMENT Genesis THE BEGINNING Expulsion...

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